20 May, 2013

Sunday Recap

It was an interesting day.
I'll admit that my Sundays start on the late side.
If I can get away with it.
Yesterday saw me up bright and early to help
 Tim with the fence.

That's what it looked like as of 11:00
when it was time to get ready to go to work.
Home again at 4:00.
Dogs, yard work, laundry,
helped build 2 more garden boxes,
then it was time to grill and switch gears
for the evening.
Storm warnings had been posted so Tim moved the
rest of the fencing around to make room
for both vehicles in the garage.
He grilled.
I made salads.
We had just finished when the skies opened.
There were no warning sprinkles.
It simply started to pour rain.
A few minutes of small hail stones.
And wind.
We laughed at the close timing.
Our power went out a few minutes later for maybe
a 1/2 hour.
It wasn't too much longer that it went out again
until this morning.
Close to 12 hours.
Here are some pictures taken along our
nearby walking trail.
There were a lot of branches
- of all sizes -
throughout the neighborhood.
Not all belonged to old trees
- like the one above -
as evidenced by the following picture:

This one made me especially sad.
It looks like it exploded:

This is the view to the right
- one picture just couldn't catch it all-
There is probably more than one tree here
though it was hard to tell where they
started and stopped.
This morning my favorite birdsongs
were replaced by the whine of chainsaws.
We lost a few small branches.
Everyone's yard was full of debris.
The houses were peppered with debris as well.
 like I said,
an interesting day. 


Valerie said...

Good grief. Was this throughout the metro area(such as it is) or just close to home?

Valerie said...

While reading your post this afternoon, I realized I haven't caught up on the blogs you read for awhile. Wow...365Dresses met her goal. Paris Breakfast is living in Paris. Centational Girl has some very cute projects. All inspiring.

ilona said...

As far as I know this was all close to home. The pictures from the trail were taken less than 2 blocks from our place.

And yes, many exciting changes in the blog world. I'm really enjoying PB.