14 May, 2013

Tuesday Morning

This is such a heady time of year.
A treat for the senses.
A day like this makes you forget
 the long months of snow,
 reminds you that this is a good place to be. 
 - seemingly absent yesterday -
surround me today.
The back yard is scented with
lilac and lily of the valley.
Pear and crab apple trees
 are in full blossom.
The wisteria
is ready to join them.
And the birds! 
Such a day!

1 comment:

Valerie said...

You do sound like a new person....spring, the visit from Aidan and Naphtali and all of your projects. Your good energy is contagious. Thanks for all of the recent posts and the evocative haiku. Talk about treats for the senses...