25 October, 2013


Did your week pass as quickly as mine?
Two days were spent sitting in
the dark as training sessions introduced 
the staff to a new cataloging/records
system for the library.
That kind of disruption in normal routines
always challenges my sense of
You know that feeling, right?
It has been a productive week, though.
Furniture has been re-arranged.
Closets and cupboards addressed.
And with the onset of colder days my
kitchen has seen some action.
These two ideas/recipes were from
 These pumpkin muffins contain just a dab
of molasses which makes them so
moist and mellow.

The apple chips - easy and oh, so tasty -
were a hit at work.
So I started thinking...
why wouldn't this work with potatoes?
Guess what's in my oven?
I used our garden potatoes - flavorful! -
 tried different thicknesses
sprinkled salt
and added cayenne to a small sample.
The very thin slices took hardly any time
to crisp and were so delicious!
Yes, that past tense is correct. 
My mantra for the rest of the day is

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