21 October, 2013

Tea Time

Several weeks ago,
while I was sick,
I drank copious amounts of
hot water with lemon and honey.
It made me think that maybe it was time to revisit
my quest to learn to drink tea.
After all, how much different would tea be?
So, I have been trying.
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I've worked my way
through a box of Lemon Zinger
-which in some minds may not even qualify as tea -
but it was progress.
Polite company would doubtless
look askance at the amount
of honey added to my cup, but it was progress.

More helpful, though, was that
I finally understood my difficulty with tea.
It's not the sweetness, but the lack of saturated flavor
that I miss.  Maybe double bagging would help.

Today, I've brought home a
 lemon-based green tea. 
Fresh lemon has been added, as has
and honey.
Less honey than I've been using.
Progress, I tell you, progress.

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