06 October, 2013

Short Shrift

I'm afraid Mt. Hood and remaining portion of our trip
are going to be condensed.
Lessons from Daily Living 101
interfered with our plans
 for a day of hiking on Mt. Hood, but the necessary
phone calls were made,
details feel into place,
a late start was deemed better than no start
and we drove over to the mountain
on a cloudless afternoon.
Mt Hood is a beautiful sight. 
Unfortunately, an unexpected camera glitch left
me with no pictures.
You'd be right in guessing we took the long way
and enjoyed our glimpses of it's  
classic, snow-capped shape as the curving road
brought us closer.
Tim and I also went on our own
one afternoon when Jacob was working and
found Lucia and Moulton Falls
near Battle Ground, WA.

 We clambered around on the rocks,
Tim picked up bottles and cans left by
inconsiderate partyers,
and we marveled at the size of the trees.
This was the type of old Pacific coast forest region
that I'd been expecting.
The food deserves better treatment
than to be summarized thus:
it was great!
So I will put together one last post


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