19 October, 2013

Saturday Night

The day is winding to a close.
The radiators have us all feeling coddled
and a scrumptious dinner has put
us in a mellow frame of mind.

Chickpeas with cumin and tomatoes
fingerling potatoes roasted in olive oil and rosemary
grilled chicken breast
a salad that defies its simple designation
warm baguette with dates and feta.
How will we'll actually remember this evening?
A good meal after a busy day
served with love by candlelight.
Aidan whistling nonchalantly as he scootched
his chair toward the light switch.
Waving a cutting board under the fire alarm.
Several times.
Dogs inching closer to the table.
The butterscotch versus caramel debate.
Plenty of laughter.
Tomorrow will find us headed home
- trying to avoid construction delays -
and thinking about our own
projects to tackle before winter.
We have everything - and a few extras -
crossed off Naphtali's list
for  this weekend.
Her cottage is cozy and ready for
whatever weather comes their way.
Aidan's homework is done.
Grandpa is tired.
And we'd do it all again in a heartbeat.

1 comment:

materfamilias said...

just lovely! I can almost smell that delicious meal, the contentment. . .