03 October, 2013

Sauvie Island

The next stop on our recent travels
in Oregon was Sauvie Island.
Only 10 miles from Portland, Sauvie Island is
a blend of agriculture
and wildlife.  And shipping.  There are several camp grounds
and a marina of house boats.  It's one of Jacob's
favorite local spots.
My guess is that this is the Sauvie Island
excursion boat.
But this one is on its way to the ports.
As we stood there we googled the name of the ship
and were connected to a real-time gps signal
 tracking it - including our location - and its
progress toward Portland.
Who knew?

We drove through orchards and truck farms.
These are hydrangeas
- one of several fields -

and the were surrounded by fields of roses.
We stopped at a local market and bought
sweet corn
pepper jelly
and a beautifully utilitarian market basket.
We followed a sign to a nearby orchard,
looking for gravensteins,
and heard some of the local
history/legends from a woman who grew up
on the island.
A good day.

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