31 October, 2013

Reflections on a Lazy Night

It's Beggar's Night in Grimes.
Answering the door falls to me, so
tonight's tasks can't be anything that needs
undivided attention.
With knitting and reading out of the question
this seemed like a good way
to occupy my time.
I've been enjoying the rhythms of the season.
Harvest has ended for many local farmers.
One has begun planting posts for
snow fencing.
The trees have been lovely.
Over the weekend we drove past a
fairly new tract of homes
and I was encouraged to see how many
new trees had been planted.
For some reason those spindly trunks topped by
their brilliant scarlet leaves
made a statement about young
(presumably young) homeowners
investing in the future
when a new patio set may 
have had a more immediate payoff.
I'm also feeling a certain
squirrel-like urgency in these last
 few days before daylight savings ends.
Darkness late into the morning  and
falling early in the evening
makes the day too short and too busy 
when there are projects to tackle!!

1 comment:

materfamilias said...

I learned a new term tonight, thank you! I had never known that Halloween is known as Beggar's Night in some parts of the US. I wonder if anyone calls it that in Canada. . .