17 October, 2013

Thursday Morning

Ooh! but it's dark and cold, now, in the early morning.
Bumps in my schedule have sent
me to the gym for the 6AM class
twice this week!
Once I'm up and out it's okay
but getting out of bed and ready to go
can be a challenge.
I do enjoy the different sights of an early morning
 (those that can be seen in the dark) like:
the reflective spots on the runners' shoes
 bobbing along the path
the moon - nearly full - hanging
huge, low and golden on the western horizon
the single light shining in a dark house
a surprising amount for 5:37!
Today we'll head north for a weekend
with Naphtali and Aidan.
There are a few last details to attend
and then Charlie and I will hit the road.
Good times.


Valerie said...

Have a wonderful trip. I remain in awe of your discipline.

materfamilias said...

I thought I was doing pretty well getting out at 7 for my run one morning this week. But at the gym for a 6 am class? Kudos!