14 October, 2013


Who am I kidding?
There will be no wrap-it-all-up
posts to finish the trip to Oregon.
We returned about a month ago
 and I don't know how that is possible.
Much has - as it does - happened in the last month
and keeping up is enough of a challenge
without always trying to catch up.
So forget about a description of the
incredible fresh crab bisque
I enjoyed at the coast.
Not going to happen.
There will be no tales of
grilling fresh fish
fingerling potatoes from the garden or
steamer clams.
 featuring peppers, onions and tomatoes
from the garden?
You'll never hear about them.
Fresh eggs from backyard chickens?
Pretend it didn't happen.
The polite, handsome,
who offered to replace our broken
windshield wipers in Laramie
will not get the ink the deserve.
The last blurry, rain-soaked
seventeen hours in the car to make it home
will simply remain a memory.
I'm through talking about it.
It's 5AM Monday morning and
I'm headed to the gym.

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